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Takeshi Komino

General Secretary

Church World Service (CWS) - Japan (CWS) Expertise:  Disaster management, including disaster risk reduction at both policy level and implementation. Has been involved in DRR national policy setting in Afghanistan, as well as consultation on HFA2 at various forums, and in Japan, DRR on nuclear emergencies.

Former Head of Emergencies at CWS-Asia/Pacific regional office in Bangkok, currently serves as General Secretary of CWS Japan, and member of Executive Committee of Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). He is also a member and the chair of Advisory Group for Humanitarian Policy and Practice for ACT Alliance in which CWS is a member of. Representing ADRRN, he was also a member of Regional Steering Group for World Humanitarian Summit regional consultation for North and Southeast Asia. He was involved in major emergencies operation including recovery and reconstruction in Afghanistan, earthquake and floods in Pakistan, cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, floods in Thailand and 9.0 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear emergencies in Japan, and most recently Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. He is regional focal person in regional and global advocacy including issues on disaster risk reduction and humanitarian sector enhancement such as transformative agenda and world humanitarian summit. He holds a Master’s degree in international development.

Disaster Risk Reduction for Nuclear Emergency – from the case of 2011 triple disaster in Japan

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QQuestion by Dr Nick Hall

The most important issue around the nuclear industry is the right to information about its safety. Why did you not also list the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, adopted on 1998 in Aarhus, Denmark? Evidently, few parties to this convention are compliant, at least concerning nuclear matters.

Dr Nick Hall Head or DRR | Save the Children UK
United Kingdom

APosted on 16 Mar 2015

Dear Dr. Hall, many thanks for raising this.  Indeed, I think inclusion of public participation and access to information is the key.  There is no particular reason why we didn't include convention in 1998, and yes, I think it should be included!  Thank you for your valuable input.

We are conveying 2 points around this topic during WCDRR this week.  One is proactive, inclusive risk assessment, and the second is risk disclosure.  We believe that every country and their people have the right to decide their own energy policy, but that must be based on appropriate understanding of what sort of risks they are accepting by their decision.  This is particularly so for community members living around the close proximity of nuclear power installations.  Therefore, we couldn't agree with you that the spirit of the convention in 1998 is highly relevant.  Sincere appreciation for raising this!