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The Building Seismic Safety Council’s Functional Recovery Planning Committee has published a report detailing the recommended scope, organization, and deliverables for developing functional recovery code provisions by 2026.
National Institute of Building Sciences
Cover and source: Nature Scientific Reports
This study conducted a risk assessment of properties and associated population for the state of Nebraska. It finds that counties in eastern Nebraska have a higher risk of flooding consequences but are also improving their flood control measures.
Jonathan T.M. Reckford Dr. Kit Miyamoto
Currently, governments around the world spend 90% of their disaster budgets on emergency relief, but only 4% on prevention and preparedness. That equation equals disaster.
Our newly published research shows how apartment residents struggle with the impacts of unhealthy homes. It’s a result of decades of urban planning based on fossil fuel use and high-rise building standards poorly adapted to the Australian environment.
Conversation Media Group, the
Developers are building homes with an eye toward making them more resilient to the extreme weather that’s increasing with climate change, and friendlier to the environment at the same time.
As millions rebuild their homes in the wake of the devastating 2022 floods, an architect’s innovative model for flood-resilient homes shows the way.
The Third Pole
This report provides a simplified analysis to identify the EU existing buildings most needing combined seismic and energy retrofit, along with a focus on the Italian context due to the huge variability of its building stock.
Sustainable housing provides significantly improved environmental performance. However, it is more than just improving energy and water performance. Sustainable housing considers impact across the whole of its design, construction, and use phases.
Conversation Media Group, the

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