Child-centrParticipation, inclusiveness, empowerment, at-risk populations, including: children, orphans, women, disabled, elderly, homeless, LGBTs, migrants, etc.

Latest Inclusion additions in the Knowledge Base

Cover and source: DRR Dynamics
The report highlights how disasters exacerbate existing inequalities and stresses the importance of inclusive policy development, sensitive communication strategies, and legal considerations tailored to the needs of these communities.
This document contains a checklist and implementation guide for inclusive early warning and early action.
A new study shows the protective effect of income has largely eroded over the past 40 years, as landscape plants can’t keep up with the pace of climate warming.
University of California, Riverside
Cover and source: Global Center on Adaptation
This report is the second edition of the Global Center on Adaptation’s Stories of Resilience: Lessons from Local Adaptation Practice focusing on the many ways in which local communities create greater resilience for people and nature.
This publication reports on a 2022-23 research project which explored the challenges and opportunities of extreme weather and climate change on ageing populations across the UK.
The brief aims to guide UNDP staff and its partners by providing good practices for disability inclusion in disaster risk reduction and recovery, while promoting inclusive approaches that recognize and address the rights of persons with disabilities.
This update follows the 15th Official Meeting of the IDF Steering Committee held on Wednesday 27th September 2023, and summarises the IIWG’s ongoing activities under the key pillars of implementation, engagement and advocacy.
Insurance Development Forum
Empowering individuals with disabilities, particularly in the realms of climate change and environmental conservation, is crucial as disaster impacts are indiscriminate, affecting everyone.
Disaster Risk Reduction Network of African Journalists

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