The institutional structures and processes that drive decision-making and management of DRR programs at regional, national and local level. This theme also includes institutions, legislations, policies and coordination mechanisms such as regional and national platforms.

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Policies and plans
The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Climate Change Adaptation Program for the period from 2023 to 2030. The adoption and implementation of the 2023-30 Climate Change Adaptation Programme is of general interest for the Republic of Serbia.
Scientific assessments reveal that the Third Pole (TP), encompassing the vast glaciated mountain systems of Asia, is warming at an alarming rate of over 0.3 ºC per decade, surpassing the global average.
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP)
Documents and publications
This comprehensive guideline is designed to raise awareness among policymakers about the significant development challenges posed by Sand and Dust Storms (SDS), which are often inadequately addressed.
Mozambique - aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Idai, 2021
How we think and talk about disasters influences our responses, including decisions on what crises and communities to support, and how and when we provide critical philanthropic resources.
Center for Disaster Philanthropy
Documents and publications
This study aims to identify the causes of damage to roads and bridges; plan effective climate change adaptation measures; introduce innovative technologies suitable for adaptation; and strengthen the capacity of engineers to oversee infrastructures.
The new rule will result in higher-elevated and better-fortified buildings, and could help break a cycle of destruction and reconstruction that has cost the government billions of dollars over the past few decades.
Grist Magazine
While regulations to protect agricultural workers from the heat have been held up by political wrangling, Gonzalo and colleagues have spearheaded an alternate strategy. They seek to instead appeal directly to consumers and brands.
Women conduct a disaster risk assessment in a rural village in Lao PDR.
This systematic review highlights the scarcity of research integrating a gender perspective into climate policy impact assessments and calls for more gender-sensitive analyses and the application of feminist theory to address this gap.
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