PreventionWeb submission policy

We welcome submissions from DRR stakeholders according to the guidelines described below.

Content types

  • Publications: documents, reports, research papers, case studies.
  • Policies and plans at regional, national and legal level, and national legal frameworks.
  • News: updates, research briefs, community announcements
  • Events: meetings, conferences, trainings.
  • Resources: Academic programmes of all levels and on demand trainings.
  • Educational materials: children's books, textbooks, lessons plans, activities, games, online resources.
  • Jobs: vacancies, consultancies, calls for proposals.

Editorial scope

PreventionWeb’s knowledge base includes content that meets any of the following criteria

  • Describes a DRR project/initiative that is replicable and/or scalable
  • Describes efforts to meet the Sendai Framework targets
  • Helps understand the nature of disaster risk
  • Supports DRR advocacy efforts

We include academic research material if:

  • The outcomes of the research help understand the nature of risk or provides useful insights for DRR practitioners and policy makers
  • The content can be understood by a non-academic audience

We include content about climate change, include if it:

  • Describes how climate change drives disaster risk
  • Addresses adaptation strategies to reduce disaster risk

We include content about disaster response that addresses

  • Preparedness for effective response
  • Building back better and reducing future risk

We do not include the following:

  • Books and papers that are not open access
  • Articles behind paywalls
  • Personal papers
  • Workshop and conference proceedings
  • Corporate materials such as workplans, annual reports and flyers
  • Training offers which require the payment of a fee, unless:
    • Training is provided by a nationally accredited academic institution, or
    • Training is provided by an entity actively involved in the DRR community, as evidenced by published research outputs or documented participation in DRR projects.

We do not publish content that promotes political, personal or religious agendas, or that is libellous or slanderous.

Content Review

PreventionWeb editors review each submission to check that it meets or editorial guidelines. If a submitted item does not fit within our editorial scope, we will contact the submitter to request more information or suggest revisions if appropriate.

The opinions expressed in the content published on PreventionWeb are those of the authors. Publication on Preventionweb does not imply UNDRR endorsement.

In the event we are alerted to any content which may be inappropriate, objectionable or fraudulent, we reserve the right to remove or edit it at any time and without prior notice.

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