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Disaster management team in front of a burned shop in New Delhi, India (2021)
Climate intelligence can help businesses monitor their exposure to climate risk more accurately.
World Economic Forum
Damaged asphalt road
The study’s findings could be useful for earthquake early warning systems like the U.S. West Coast’s ShakeAlert, the researchers note in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.
Seismological Society of America
Fire fighting helicopter carries a water bucket over wildfires
Dealing with complex systemic risks means getting used to uncertainty – and innovative approaches to explaining and acting on that uncertainty can have a useful role to play in informing decision-making.
International Science Council
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Humanitarianism and DRR mutually inform each other. Below are key readings for understanding the humanitarian-DRR nexus.
Words into Action
Implementation guides for the Sendai Framework
Learning from Past Disasters

In August 1999, an earthquake in the city of Izmit killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless


Pratima says the pandemic has brought challenges for everyone but she says the impact for people with disabilities, indigenous people and ethnic minorities are different from others in culture and context.
More needs to be done to recognize GBV as a core disaster management issue. Alyssa Thurston thinks one reason policies have failed to support women is because they have not adequately included women in disaster planning.
Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030