Advocate for DRR

If you believe that hazards do not have to turn into disasters, add your voice to our campaign and become a DRR advocate.

We cannot prevent an earthquake, but we can make earthquake resistant buildings.

We cannot stop a tsunami, but we can avoid settlements in exposed coastal areas.

We cannot stop a hurricane, but we can have early warning systems so people can evacuate.

Disaster risk is a function of the decisions we make. 

Help us adovcate for disaster risk reduction and share the following messages on your social media channels. You can select individual graphics or download the whole package.

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Early warning saves lives and livelihoods  via @preventionweb

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Investing in #DRR saves lives and money. Yet, for every $100 spent on recovery, less than $4 is spent on prevention
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Hazards do not have to turn into disasters. Disaster risk is a function of the decisions we make.  #NoNaturalDisasters

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Lost education is often one of the hidden cost of disasters. All children diserve #SafeSchools
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The era of hazard by hazard risk reduction is over. We must understand the systemic nature of risk
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Let us break the crisis-response-recovery cycle. Infrastructure must be #BuildToLast
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Disaster risk reduction must be part of the #prevention agenda in fragile contexts
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Protecting and restoring coral reefs protects coastal communities #NatureBasedSolutions for #DRR
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