Research briefs

Magma flow in the magmatic dike near Grindavík was among the fastest recorded. The processes driving that flow could be at play at volcanoes in Hawaii, off the African coast, and anywhere crustal plates split apart.
Eos - AGU
A study recently published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences reveals the unprecedented nature of an anticyclonic anomaly that occurred over Northeast Asia in July 2021.
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
An aerial view of the Mai Po nature reserve beside Shenzen City, China
Botanical gardens are not just beautiful – they can cool the city air by 5°C during heatwaves, according to the most comprehensive review of its kind led by the University of Surrey. Parks and wetlands have a similar effect.
The University Of Surrey
Cloudburst over green fields.
New climate model shows more extreme rainfall in the tropics with increased temperatures.
The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)
Forests in the coolest, wettest parts of the western Pacific Northwest are likely to see the biggest increases in burn probability, fire size and number of blazes as the climate continues to get warmer and drier, according to new modeling.
Oregon State University
DRI’s Anne Heggli is partnering with the National Weather Service to understand flood risk from rain-on-snow storms in real-time, protecting communities and enabling water conservation throughout Nevada and California
Desert Research Institute (DRI)
Recent research has brought to light the very high increase in premature births and the severe health outcomes children face due to the impacts of extreme climate change.
Extreme wildfires in coastal-central Chile have been fueled by intense and persistent fire-conducive weather conditions in the region since the beginning of the year favoring the spread of severe fires in Viña del Mar (33°S, 71°W) in early February.
World Weather Attribution
Location and date marker for glacier in Jasper National Park in Canada. Clear evidence of global warming.
It is not a secret that glaciers are melting, and that it causes a problem with sea levels rising, but a new way of reading, collecting, and analyzing data using AI, can make us better understand what is happening with the glaciers in the Arctic.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
An Emory University study published Feb. 15 in Nature Mental Health shows wildfires lead to an increase of anxiety-related emergency department visits in the western United States.
Emory University

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