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A swollen river in Asayita, Ethiopia due to heavy rainfall
After years of drought the short rainy season in the Horn of Africa brought exceptionally heavy rains, particularly in November, leading to severe flooding in the South of Ethiopia, Eastern Kenya and many regions in southern and central Somalia.
World Weather Attribution
UChicago, NCAR research suggests world will see ‘record-breaking’ winds
University of Chicago
African children fetch water from a water source
Scientists have uncovered a connection between temperature gradients in the Pacific Ocean and deadly but predictable consecutive dry spells in East Africa.
Eos - AGU
Bangladeshi woman washing clothes in a flooded house
The findings reveal the long term public health burden of environmental hazards that are predicted to worsen under climate change.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
The increasing number and intensity of wildfires in the Western U.S. are overshadowing other achievements at reducing emissions, aggravating air pollution and increasing disease and mortality.
University of Maryland
Man-made global warming exacerbated an incident of extreme flooding and heat in eastern China in 2020, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.
PhysOrg, Omicron Technology Ltd
While the impacts of climate change vary across the globe, most scientists agree that, overall, a warming environment is increasing both the frequency and intensity of severe weather events such as tornados and intense thunderstorms.
University at Albany
A new study shows the protective effect of income has largely eroded over the past 40 years, as landscape plants can’t keep up with the pace of climate warming.
University of California, Riverside
Kiel researchers evaluate the future protection potential of dikes and show flooding scenarios for the German Baltic Sea coast until 2100.
University of Kiel
A recent study led by researchers at the University of Oklahoma projects that Native Americans in Oklahoma have approximately five times increased risk of heavy rainfall by the end of the century – notably 68% higher than the state’s general population.
University of Oklahoma

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