Research briefs

This image shows the landscape of the Baja California Peninsula.
For ranching communities on the east side of the Baja California Peninsula, groundwater springs are their primary source of freshwater. The economic livelihoods of roughly 4,000 people are closely tied to the springs and to wells.
Drought in a field
Cutting-edge models predict that El Niño frequency will increase within 2 decades because of climate change, regardless of emissions mitigation efforts.
Coral reef under water with the sun shining through the surface.
The forecasts could help fishing fleets, ocean managers, and coastal communities anticipate the effects of marine heatwaves.
Palm trees being hit by storm and rainfall during a hurricane
A study that analyzed the entire 2020 North Atlantic hurricane season, in conjunction with human activity that affects climate change, found that hourly hurricane rainfall totals were up to 10% higher compared to hurricanes in the pre-industrial era.
Approximately 33.64−46.18% of flash droughts develop within 5 days for the period 2000−2020, and the rapid onset of flash droughts is further accelerated by the joint influence of soil moisture depletion and atmospheric aridity.
Climate change could result in the financial toll of flooding rising by more than a quarter in the United States by 2050 – and disadvantaged communities will bear the biggest brunt, according to new research.
A new study by researchers from Hiroshima University introduced a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based technique for estimating site amplification factors from data on ambient vibrations or microtremors of the ground.
Bioswale, Washington D.C.
New research overlays sociodemographic, green infrastructure and stormwater flood risk data to assess equitable distribution of green infrastructure.
New research examines the influence of factors that contributed to patterns of high-burn severity during the 2020 megafires in Oregon.
Countryside landscape, tree standing in a field.
Researchers lead effort to find natural option to protect crops.