Research briefs

New research shows how deforestation and population growth have greatly impacted landslide risk in the Kivu Rift.
Wildfire Crescent Fire in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, USA
Thousands of COVID-19 cases and deaths in California, Oregon, and Washington between March and December 2020 may be attributable to increases in fine particulate air pollution.
The past has an uncomfortable lesson for a warming world: climate heating begets even more of the same.
Researchers have shown that human-caused climate change will have important consequences for how volcanic gases interact with the atmosphere.
Researchers call for revisions to air-quality monitoring guidelines to consider the sources of emissions
Higher temperatures attributed to climate change caused payouts from the nation’s biggest farm support program to increase by $27 billion between 1991 and 2017.
No link currently shows climate change is driving migration out of East Africa, despite widespread acceptance that human mobility is a key impact of climate change.
Two boys rowing through flooded waters in a makeshift boat
The proportion of the population exposed to floods has grown by 24% globally since the turn of the century.
China introduced the Sponge City Initiative in 2014 to use nature-based solutions, integrating green spaces and “blue” systems into conventional “gray” infrastructure.
Floods nearly affecting bridge
Climate change is driving a large increase in intense, slow-moving storms, a new study by Newcastle University and the Met Office has found.