In the early 2000s, a new field of climate-science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, heatwaves, droughts and storms.
A road is destroyed by flash flooding in Sidi Ouaaziz, Morocco
Parametric insurance is not a new concept. Such products and solutions have been in existence for more than 20 years. On the African continent, however, parametric insurance is relatively new but becoming ever more crucial to climate resilience.
Mexico is using a nuclear-based technique known as the sterile insect technique (SIT) to eradicate the medfly that had been threatening fruit and vegetable crops, farmers’ livelihoods and the country’s economy.
The application uses participatory maps for natural and technological disasters, crisis management and early risk warning, SIGNALERT is now available in the Arabic language on both the Appstore and Google Play.
New Zealand’s first climate adaptation plan, launched this week, provides a robust foundation for urgent nation-wide action. Its goals are utterly compelling: reduce vulnerability, build adaptive capacity and and strengthen resilience.
A man in a reflective vest takes a break amidst hot weather
Businesses will need to better manage extreme heat risk. But are investors sufficiently informed on the economic toll caused by the increasing frequency of extreme weather?
Often referred to as the “voice” of the National Weather Service, NOAA Weather Radio is a 24/7 public service that broadcasts weather information from more than 1,000 stations across the United States and many of its territories.
Even with significant global advances in science and infrastructure designed to predict and manage such extreme disasters, many communities still face major societal and economic impacts when these events occur.
What kinds of financial and economic benefits would political entities be able to sustain if there were more investments in appropriate DRR strategies? ESG investing helps shift the mindset from a short-term perspective on disaster impact.
Moroccan farmer overlooking his heard of sheep on his fields.
Climate risks need to be understood in terms of their interaction with social, political and environmental vulnerabilities on the ground.