More than 30 of Australia’s leading climate scientists released a report analysing ten major weather events in 2023, from early fires to low snowpack to compound events.
Conversation Media Group, the
To help her community become more climate resilient, Ali, 36, who is now settled in Barishal, joined the Hatkhola Squad, a female-led disaster-response team, set up by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.
Guardian, the (UK)
Disaster myths
In times of disaster, myths and misinformation can spread like wildfire. To help you keep your head above the floodwaters of myth and misconception, the PreventionWeb editors have put together a life-raft of truths.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Last year was the warmest year on record. Rising temperatures bring physical repercussions including more intense hazards. Understanding how natural perils shape the risk landscape is critical to advancing global preparedness for climate change.
Swiss Reinsurance Company (Swiss Re)
Discover the Art-Based Climate Resilience Toolkit which offers a fresh perspective on climate change communication and action.
Business meeting
Public financial management (PFM) systems are rarely configured for countries to proactively respond to disasters; so, how can we engage with ministries of finance to encourage them to plan for disaster shocks?
World Bank, the
A villager distributes water to be used by households during a drought in northern Kenya
‘As policymakers consider irrigation investments in the drylands, the past disappointing experiences of large-scale schemes must be taken into account.’
The New Humanitarian
Green city with multiple green roofs
As Victoria, British Columbia, removes obstacles to green roof installations and Somerville, Massachusetts mandates their inclusion in new buildings, a Seoul case study underscores the positive social and environmental outcomes these policy changes.
The Energy Mix
With access to irrigated land, training in climate-resilient farming, and a platform to sell their produce, women farmers in Zimbabwe are forging new paths for economic independence and sustainable agriculture.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
In the United States, an average of 28 people were killed by lightning every year between 2006 and 2023. Each year, insurance pays about US$1 billion in claims for lightning damage, and around 4 million acres of land burn in lightning-caused wildfires.
Conversation Media Group, the

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