A reflection on the successes, priorities and problems facing community organisations during the pandemic – with implications for their future funding and even survival.
Groundwater pumping is intensifying as water availability becomes more erratic. But pumping water for irrigation contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. IWMI is working to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.
Bangkok residents navigate heavy floods by boat
Around the globe, cities will face a much higher probability of extreme weather events. The brunt of costs will be borne by their most vulnerable residents: the old, the poor and others who lack wealth and political connections to protect themselves.
A Los Angeles resident observes the approaching wildfire
Globally, the displacement of people due to the impacts of disasters and climate change is now at a record high. Evacuations are an important life-saving emergency response – a temporary measure to move people to safety in the face of imminent harm.
Losses are growing in rich as well as poor countries - and it's time to have an effective system to deal with them.
Extraordinary Congress approves vision and action plan for hydrology
Traditional and busy shopping street in Seville, Spain (2017)
Mayor Juan Espadas, in partnership with the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, commits to developing methodology for heat wave naming and categorization, beginning in 2022.
Building water system resilience requires creating an enabling environment with strong policies, institutions, and financial systems that support solutions that can adapt to changing needs.
People working on water extraction around a well in Senegal (2007)
The State of the Climate in Africa 2020 report provides a snapshot of climate change trends and impacts, including sea level rise and the melting of the continent’s iconic glaciers.
The UNDP-supported climate resilience project is expected to benefit 250,000 people battling coastal erosion in Liberia's capital.