Regional Launch of the Early Warnings for All Initiative (EW4ALL) for the Caribbean
The accumulation of experience indicates that disaster risk management measures possess considerable catalytic potential in enhancing climate change adaptation.
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
In Dubai, leaders should focus their attention on policy solutions for vulnerable regions where climate change is amplifying the consequences of armed conflict and compounding failures of governance.
Council on Foreign Relations, The
Kenyan women standing in a field next to a goat
‘The fundamental question is not about the future of pastoralism – it will always be around – it’s about how we can do pastoralism more sustainably.’
The New Humanitarian
This image shows an airplane in front of the bright yellow rising sun on the runway.
Air travel not only contributes to heat-trapping pollution — the resulting warming now poses new and growing challenges for air travel.
Climate Central
Close-up on a few desert locusts on corn plants.
The Locust Pesticides Management System enhances locust management, reduces risks of pesticides to humans and environment.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
For thousands of years, Mongolia's nomadic herders have survived at the mercy of the country's brutal winters — where temperatures drop below -30 degrees Celsius
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The deal itself leaves much undecided and has been met with criticism by climate justice advocates and front-line communities.
Conversation Media Group, the
The warming effect of our CO₂ emissions could be countered by creating a persistent, artificial haze like those seen following major volcanic eruptions. Research has found that we would only need to dim the Sun by around 1% to cool the planet by 1°C.
Conversation Media Group, the
Money offered so far falls far short of estimated $400bn in losses developing countries face each year
Guardian, the (UK)
Weeks of heavy monsoon rains flooded farmland and hundreds of villages along the Sutlej River in Pakistan and India in August 2023.
The World Bank helped finance the Climate Resilience Multi-Phase Programmatic Approach Project, the first phase of which aims to improve flood resilience in the Kelani River basin and modernize disaster forecasting, preparedness, and warning systems.
World Bank, the

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