Mindanao, the second-largest island in the Philippines, is known for its high seismic activity, having experienced numerous moderate to major earthquakes throughout its history.
Workers drain a flooded thoroughfare after a night of severe thunderstorms in Kisumu, Kenya
Kenya’s worst flooding in decades highlights the urgent need for more robust mitigation efforts, including flood risk maps and early warning systems, say climate scientists.
Science and Development Network
Wildfires in western and central Canada spread rapidly this week, forcing thousands of people to evacuate, with smoke sweeping into the Midwest and triggering air quality alerts in several states, a reminder of last year’s smoky conditions.
Grist Magazine
SEI has been working with local partners to improve early warning systems on the Thailand-Myanmar border, and to build resilience to drought and climate change.
Stockholm Environment Institute
In Canada land subsidence, a natural sinking process intensified by human activities like groundwater extraction and wetland destruction, is playing a critical role in the extent to which communities experience impacts from rising seas.
The Energy Mix
Wildfire damage, Santa Rosa, California
To investigate trends in fire weather, a key factor of wildfire risk, Climate Central analyzed data from 476 weather stations to assess trends in 245 climate divisions spanning the 48 contiguous U.S. states during the last 51 years (1973-2023).
Climate Central
compilation of images of different types of weather like sun and rain separated by diagonal lines
It was the warmest April on record – the eleventh month in a row of record global temperatures. Sea surface temperatures have been record high for the past 13 months. Extreme weather caused many casualties and socio-economic disruption.
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Sun above a city
English schools could exceed an “overheating” threshold of 26C for one-third of the academic year if global warming reaches 2C above pre-industrial temperatures, a new study finds.
Carbon Brief
A man cooling himself off under a water pipe in Bajgladesh.
Climate change is worsening floods, droughts and is reducing water quality, posing an increasing threat to our health, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today.
European Environment Agency
Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) recently reunited with disaster management experts in Barbados following a March 2024 engagement in Bridgetown in which PDC presented the results of the National Disaster Preparedness Baseline Assessment.
Pacific Disaster Center

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