Technical Disaster

Technical Disaster

Chemical spill/leak, explosions, collapses, gas leaks, urban fire, oil spill, technical failure

Could rising seas contribute to undermining coastal buildings around the world?
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
When Hurricane Andrew devastated south Miami 30 years ago, the state’s building codes underwent a major revision. The collapse of the Surfside building could do the same.
University of Miami
Documents suggest that in more than 80 U.S. locations, the failure of an aging dam could flood a major toxic waste site.
Sky Designs/Shutterstock
University of Florida has developed a solar powered system that uses artificial intelligence to decrease the cost of electrical devices running through a power outage.
University of Florida

The article claims that to those affected, disaster is an existential experience. For them, it is an unexpected existential ‘event’ clearly separating a ‘before’ from an ‘after’. In the academic disaster domain however the ‘disaster as event’ is being

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)

This paper investigates past and possible future magnetic storm intensifications. As part of this work, a dataset is developed of the most intense and second most intense storms for each of the past eleven solar cycles (1902-2016) – augmenting a

AGU Advancing Earth and Space Science

This rapid needs assessment indicates that while gains have been made to make preparedness methods more inclusive, such as the incorporation of inclusion into the training of community volunteers on emergency preparedness, persons with disabilities are

CBM International Centre for Disability in Development

The primary aim of this study was to evaluate the presence, distribution, and potential human health implications of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a residential neighborhood of Houston, Texas following a major hurricane. Hurricane Harvey made

Journal of Health and Pollution