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Cover and source: COP28 Presidency
The COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health is a non-binding, non-negotiated call to action and collective commitment that reflects the concerns and common position of countries on the importance of health within climate discourse and in the COP process.
The increasing number and intensity of wildfires in the Western U.S. are overshadowing other achievements at reducing emissions, aggravating air pollution and increasing disease and mortality.
University of Maryland
This report outlines key lessons from the funding call and indicates possible areas for funders and partners to consider as they conduct their own work at the intersection of climate change and health.
Flooded hospital in Thailand, 2010
XDI has analysed over 200,000 hospitals around the world for risk of damage from 6 different climate change hazards from 1990 until the end of the century. The analysis was published ahead of the inaugural Health Day at the COP28 UN Climate Conference.
XDI (The Cross Dependency Initiative)
Cover and source: XDI (Cross Dependency Initiative)
How risky is your hospital? A physical climate risk assessment of over 200,000 hospitals around the world.
An electric fan cools down a resident inside her house
Commonly associated with longer days and slower paces, this summer’s record-smashing heat demonstrated a concerning future for our warmest season.
Arizona State University
A failure to slow global warming is providing many deadly diseases with the opportunity to expand their reach, putting the health of millions of people at risk.
Wellcome Trust
This short report focuses on the intersection between climate change and health, outlines the evidence of the impacts of climate change on human health to inform policy and practice, and identifies opportunities to deliver health centred climate action.

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