Health & health facilities

Capacity of health systems to anticipate, mitigate and manage situations arising from natural and man-made hazards, including biological hazards.

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A small Asian girl hides behind the brick wall from the sun.
Rising temperatures pose a threat to the health of over 243 million children across East Asia and the Pacific.
United Nation Children's Fund - East Asia and Pacific Regional Office
This research approach is intended to build trustworthy relationships and yield mutual benefits. Community-engaged projects have garnered attention over the past two decades as they focus on tackling inequities, which arise during public health crises.
Conversation Media Group, the
A warming planet is creating more hospitable conditions for an exotic and sometimes deadly disease.
Yale Climate Connections
A team of researchers led by Professor Jay Horvat and Dr Henry Gomez have developed a world-first platform to define the impact of exposure to landscape fire smoke on the heart and lungs.
Hunter Μedical Research Institute (HMRI)
Blurry image of a sunny urban skyline
With records of heat and its impacts lacking in Nigeria, Carbon Brief speaks to doctors, farmers and meteorologists about how this episode of extreme weather is affecting the country.
Carbon Brief
A new report by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) presents a tool for conducting an initial broad-based assessment of the resilience of a country’s health system to disasters and climate change.
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the (GFDRR)
This policy note introduces the Frontline Scorecard, a new rapid diagnostic tool that decision makers can use to conduct a high-level assessment of the CDRM capabilities of their health system, and illustrates its application.
This report presents the research and action agenda for climate change and mental health for small farmers and fisher peoples.

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