Space and aerial technology

Use of space-based and aerial technologies such as satellite communications, remote sensing and drones to improve disaster management and collect data for disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Latest Space and aerial technology additions in the Knowledge Base

Aerial view of floods in a Chinese city, 2017
A third of China’s urban population at risk of city sinking, new satellite data shows.
Virginia Tech
The regional scientific and principal organisation, the Pacific Community (SPC), is spearheading a new project, called Digital Earth Pacific, to capture extensive satellite information about climate change and natural disasters in the region.
Inter Press Service International Association
Thunderstorm over fields in South Africa.
The researchers reported that adding microwave data collected by low-Earth-orbiting satellites to existing computer weather forecast models produced more accurate forecasts of surface gusts in a case study of the 2020 Midwest Derecho.
American Geophysical Union
Hurricane Florence as photographed from space
The Digital Twin Earth Hydrology Platform, a ground-breaking step toward a virtual replica of the terrestrial water cycle, combines new high-resolution satellite observations and cutting-edge modeling to build a test environment for our planet.
Frontiers in Earth Science
The authors wanted to determine whether crowd-sourced interpretations of Earth observation (EO) data can be used to illuminate key economic behavioral responses that could be used for computable general equilibrium modeling.
GPS satellite in the Earth's orbit
A novel method includes new algorithm to glean important information about atmospheric rivers from satellite observations.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Cover and source: Integrated Research on Disaster Risk
This report details the impact of the 2023 Gansu Jishishan earthquake and the extent of relief activities via the differences of nighttime light.
Geoscientists are using remote sensing to gather data on risks including increased exposure to air and soil pollution, excessive heat, wildfire, and flooding.
Eos - AGU

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