Space and aerial technology

Space & aerial technology

Satellite imagery, earth observation, remote sensing, geospatial technology, UAV, drones, optical and radar imagery, meteorological satellites.

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This study quantifies the effects of hurricane windstorms on economic activity using nightlight as a proxy at the highest spatial resolution data available and accordingly, the broader socioeconomic and environmental effects of this protection.
World Bank, the
Inundated forest in Cambodia
New research examining whether forests can mitigate flood risk suggests they may offer less protection against major events than had been hoped.
EurekAlert Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Flooded village in Uganda
Environmental officials are cracking down on wetland filling - but removing jobs-providing industries from wetland areas will prove a significant challenge, analysts say.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
A new study that examined the plant diversity and carbon stock of 39-year-old human created forest shows that a mixed tree species plantation can be a viable nature-based solution to address flood and erosion impacts.
A firefighter surveys wildfire damage in Queensland, Australia
A new analysis of Australian forest fire trends confirms for the first time the Black Summer fires are part of a clear trend of worsening fire weather and ever-larger forest areas burned by fires.
Conversation Media Group, the
This image shows a bamboo forest
By slowing floodwater and stabilising riverbanks, bamboo walls could protect farmers from climate change-worsened floods – and earn them extra income
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
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This study aims to present a methodology to improve the performance of hydrodynamic modeling by considering plant resistance with the goal of analyzing flood risk reduction strategies that support ecological conservation enhancement.
Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley)
A blue bin floating on water during flooding in Montreal
It’s likely that long-lasting effects of the heatwave in Western Canada made the results of the recent rainfall worse, causing more landslides – which have destroyed highways and railroads – than would otherwise have happened.
Conversation Media Group, the