Deficiency of precipitation, desertification, pronounced absence of rainfall

Farmer in drought-struck field
A new study finds that the risk of flash droughts, which can develop in the span of a few weeks, is on pace to rise in every major agriculture region around the world in the coming decades.
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This study provided a multi-sectoral outlook of future drought risk towards the end of this century under four SSP scenarios. The multivariate droughts integrated the drought information from precipitation, runoff, and soil moisture.
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This paper is related to the recent empirical literature on the effects of dry shocks and droughts on economic performance.
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More water stored underground means fewer flooded farms, and more water available to farmers like him during the next inevitable drought.
A new computer modeling technique developed by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) offers the potential to generate months-ahead summertime drought forecasts across the Western United States.
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Women carrying water in Somalia.
There have been huge investments in ‘early warning’ facilities across East Africa, prompted by previous emergencies where livestock have perished and people’s lives have been threatened.
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Increasingly, city governments are having to deal with climate change repercussions alongside those of other disasters, all while addressing its implications for both daily life and future sustainability.
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The government has allocated €2 billion to ease the impact of extreme heat and drought on farmers and water supplies.