Designing, resourcing and implementing gender-sensitive disaster risk reduction policies, plans and programmes. raising awareness of gendered vulnerabilities of men, women and LGBTs, and promoting inclusion and leadership of women and gender minorities in DRR.

Latest Gender additions in the Knowledge Base

Goma Karki works as Project Manager for Youth Innovation Lab in Kathmandu, Nepal, leading the Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth (The Youth CAN) project.
With access to irrigated land, training in climate-resilient farming, and a platform to sell their produce, women farmers in Zimbabwe are forging new paths for economic independence and sustainable agriculture.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Fires are a major threat to Borneo's people, forests, and wildlife. An all-female crew is combating them while changing attitudes towards women.
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Flora Vano is the Country Manager of ActionAid Vanuatu, an organization that supports local women to become galvanizing and powerful community leaders, particularly in times of crisis such as disasters.
With drought and erratic rains depleting harvests, women farmers in Sri Lanka tell of beatings by husbands as incomes shrink.
Displacement is a major impact of the climate crisis in Pakistan. In a flood emergency access to the ‘digital ecosystem’ provided by mobile devices can be critical for individual safety, but not everyone has equal access.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
Lulu’s dedication to disaster research stems from her personal experience in an earthquake that struck her hometown in Sichuan Province in China in 2008.
Turkish schoolgirls in uniform walking in a street
One year after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the region’s economy and society remain shaken. The devastation has exposed deep societal scars, and the task of rebuilding is still immense.
Conversation Media Group, the

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