Climate change

Climate adaptation for disaster resilience and climate change as a risk driver.

Latest Climate change additions in the Knowledge Base

The Kegali calls for urgent and transformative actions by the global community and decision-makers; by the climate science community, especially WCRP and its partners around the world; and public and private sector agencies and funders.
Cogs lifted in the air by hands
As the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition (MINEDDTE) prepares its first national adaptation plan (NAP) document, it launched a digital campaign calling on youth to get involved in adaptation.
National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network
The study provides assessment of the penetration of climate change induced carbonation in the concrete cover of the existing buildings in the EU Member States.
Salt marsh restoration can mitigate flood risk and bolster community resilience to climate change in our local waterways, according to a recent study
University of California, Santa Cruz
Cloud ‘engineering’ could be more effective for climate cooling than previously thought, because of the increased cloud cover produced, new research shows.
University of Birmingham
This briefing note prepared by the Initiative for Climate Action and Development (ICAD) explores the status of Malawi’s NAP process, places human mobility in the context of climate change in Malawi
Within the framework of the German Strategy for ⁠Adaptation⁠ to Climate Change (⁠DAS⁠), the Federal government presents the 2023 (third) ⁠Monitoring⁠ Report on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change.
This profile provides an overview of climate risks facing Ethiopia, including how climate change will potentially impact agriculture and crop production, livestock, water resources and human health.

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