Climate change

Adaptation benefits, costs, measures, capacity; climate resilience, climate-proofing, climate risk management, climate change as a disaster risk driver.

Latest Climate change additions in the Knowledge Base

The goal of this publication is to determine how internal climate variability leads to worst-case successive and compounding heat and drought stress accumulating to produce the most extreme decades.
The paper describes the actions that large global businesses are taking on adaptation, what is driving these actions and the barriers they face to doing more.
Heat Wave, Montreal
Researchers are working with people experiencing homelessness, St Vincent’s Hospital and the City of Sydney to design, deliver and evaluate a mobile “cooling hub” this summer.
Conversation Media Group, the
The warming effect of our CO₂ emissions could be countered by creating a persistent, artificial haze like those seen following major volcanic eruptions. Research has found that we would only need to dim the Sun by around 1% to cool the planet by 1°C.
Conversation Media Group, the
The deal itself leaves much undecided and has been met with criticism by climate justice advocates and front-line communities.
Conversation Media Group, the
Scientists examined multiple fire danger indices for the contiguous U.S. to assess the impact of climate change on future wildfire risk and seasonality.
AGU Advancing Earth and Space Science
In Dubai, leaders should focus their attention on policy solutions for vulnerable regions where climate change is amplifying the consequences of armed conflict and compounding failures of governance.
Council on Foreign Relations, The
This report gives an overview of climate change adaptation priorities specific to mountains in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) submitted by Non-Annex l countries under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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