Science and technology

This theme adresses how science and technology can contribute to DRR, including approaches and initiatives to bring scientific and technical knowledge into practice and policy, approaches for multidisciplinary engagement, good practice in scientific and technical aspects of DRR, and citizen science.

Latest Science & technology additions in the Knowledge Base

Group of school children in Sri Lanka
This new initiative from UNICEF empowers children living in Sri Lanka’s tea estates with disaster preparedness.
United Nations Children's Fund (Global Headquarters, New York)
Hallways with supercomputers.
Fujitsu announced the delivery of a new supercomputer system to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) to improve prediction accuracy for typhoons and torrential rains and help authorities develop data-driven plans to provide early warning and evacuation.
Location and date marker for glacier in Jasper National Park in Canada. Clear evidence of global warming.
It is not a secret that glaciers are melting, and that it causes a problem with sea levels rising, but a new way of reading, collecting, and analyzing data using AI, can make us better understand what is happening with the glaciers in the Arctic.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Hurricane Florence - September 2018
Warming oceans and the El Nino phenomenon have caused some storms to gain strength far more rapidly than predicted. More investment in forecasting, early warning, preparation — and an assist from artificial intelligence — are parts of the solution.
Mexican Red Cross Society
Researchers scout ice fields by boat
The sanctity and resilience of the global scientific community have never been more crucial. This report addresses the urgent need to protect scientists, academics, and educational institutions increasingly targeted in various global crises.
International Science Council (ISC)
Cover and source: International Science Council
This paper looks at lessons from the advocacy and solidarity efforts of the International Science Council and its partners using relevant examples and a policy review to examine the scientific community’s response to crises affecting science systems.
This study uses a crowd-sourced municipal call database to characterize the spatial distribution of floodrisk in Detroit, MI. Call data including dates and addresses were obtained from the City of Detroit Department of Public Works for 2021.
Displacement is a major impact of the climate crisis in Pakistan. In a flood emergency access to the ‘digital ecosystem’ provided by mobile devices can be critical for individual safety, but not everyone has equal access.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

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