Private sector

This theme addresses the capacity of the private sector to understand and anticipate, mitigate and manage situations arising from natural and man-made hazards, as well as contribute to building the capacity and resilience of communities to disasters. 

Latest Private sector additions in the Knowledge Base

This study provides insights into how privately owned groceries can complement large food storage facilities and provide sustainable public and private sectors (Public–Private Partnerships-PPP).
Tourists enjoying the view at Grand Canyon Skywalk observation point at Grand Canyon West Rim in a sunny day, Arizona, USA
On Global Tourism Resilience Day, this article highlights three ways that tourism can channel investments to help vulnerable communities and ecosystems build resilience and adapt to climate change.
Global Center on Adaptation
Researchers explore the role of businesses in the Turkish context, including successes and challenges in coordinating between the private sector and humanitarian organizations, for improving private sector collaboration in future humanitarian responses.
This comprehensive analysis highlighted the economic impacts of the tourism shutdown from Australia's Black Summer Bushfires. This analysis could be used for budgeting and rebuilding in community-and-industry hotspots that may be far from the burn scar.
The 2011 Van earthquakes occurred in eastern Turkey near the city of Van.
PreventionWeb offers you 8 key learnings we picked up about earthquakes in 2023.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
This paper explores how private finance actors can play a key role in mobilizing investments and support for climate adaptation and resilience.
Over the years, Vanuatu's local businesses have put together a wealth of experience, insights, and lessons learned with the support of the OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative, in the hopes that other island nations can learn from them.
Connecting Business initiative
This publication documents how European banks charge higher interest rates on loans granted to firms in areas at high risk of flooding.

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