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This theme addresses the capacity of the private sector to understand and anticipate, mitigate and manage situations arising from natural and man-made hazards, as well as contribute to building the capacity and resilience of communities to disasters. 

Latest Private sector additions in the Knowledge Base

Many of the sectors that are vulnerable to climate change, such as agriculture, infrastructure, and energy, are heavily dependent on the banking sector for financing.
Economic Times, the
The Burden of Floods
At last year’s COP28 in Dubai, parties recognized for the first time the transboundary nature of climate change impacts, the importance of complex and cascading risks, and the need for knowledge-sharing and international cooperation to address them.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Documents and publications
This survey of the recent microeconomics adaptation literature suggests that although firm competitiveness is negatively affected by weather events, firms may bounce back better under certain conditions.
In the factory where Aysha Talukder Tanisa stitches jeans and children's clothes for Western brands, the cooling system has been no match for Bangladesh's longest heatwave in 70 years.
Bird's eye view of the exit of an expressway located between two tunnel portals, Ribeira da Janela, Madeira, Portugal
The article posits that company boards looking to understand how climate will affect their supply chain should understand where their main “hubs” are
University of Maryland
Redwood forest canopy
This blog focuses on how forests' ability to regulate the movement of rainwater and snowmelt through forested landscapes can be degraded by industrial logging. It is part of a joint series between the David Suzuki Foundation and NRDC.
Natural Resources Defense Council
Iluminated light bulb is located on soil and plant are growing.
Working in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders across the development finance and impact investing communities, this work sets out a practical framework for assessing adaptation and resilience impact across a broad range of investments.
United Nations Environment Programme
Documents and publications
There is a shortfall of research synthesising the drivers, strategies, and outcomes of corporate adaptation and resilience. Our study addresses this gap by conducting a systematic literature review to elucidate the academic status quo.

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