Early warning

An integrated system of hazard monitoring, forecasting and prediction, disaster risk assessment, communication and preparedness activities systems and processes that enables individuals, communities, governments, businesses and others to take timely action to reduce disaster risks in advance of hazardous events.

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In this study, researchers provide information on the shelter-seeking places in Bangladesh during the latest cyclones and analyse the reasons why some residents do not evacuate the affected regions post cyclone ­­­warning.
A disabled man wading through water logged road on his tricycle in India, 2020
The disability royal commission and advocates say people with disability have not been provided with enough thorough, timely and up to date, accessible information during recent crises.
Conversation Media Group, the
weather surveillance radar
Weather prediction has actually improved in recent years. And there are exciting developments on the horizon involving artificial intelligence. But the effect of future climate change on weather and seasonal prediction is not yet well understood.
Conversation Media Group, the
This study sought to understand how and when can development, climate change and humanitarian actors best support households to protect the livelihoods and wellbeing in the face of repeated or ongoing food crises forecasted to worsen?
 Flood Refuge
Early warning systems are crucial for reducing climate risks in South Asia, but effective implementation relies on regional cooperation and standardised data sharing
The Third Pole
Equipment on a farm
WMO developed the Rapid Assessment of Hazard Monitoring and Forecasting Capacity as a methodology to assess its Members’ capabilities along eight elements of the hydrometeorological value chain.
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
This document outlines examples of Save the Children’s experience with child-centred early warning systems, linked to the four pillars of the Early Warning for All initiative.
Timorese women working
What if the place you were looking for could not be found on any map? Not because it's hidden, but because it was never mapped. And what if people in need were living in unmapped places?
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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