Fragility and conflict

Disaster risk reduction in a context of exposure to risk combined with insufficient coping capacity of the state, system and/or communities to manage, absorb or mitigate those risks.

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The 2024 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) report presents the data and analysis behind the 75.9 million people living in internal displacement as of the end of 2023.
An unusual heatwave … made the already inhumane living conditions even worse for 1.5 million people, mostly living under plastic sheets in Rafah," UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini said in a statement.
Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre
Stronger social protection systems and scaled-up adaptive national safety net programs are a critical piece of building resilience in the Sahel, helping to reinforce the social contract, tackle the root causes of fragility.
World Bank, the
The report examines the dynamics and challenges involved in implementing disaster risk finance (DRF) in Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) settings.
The concurrence of environmental degradation, worsening climatic change, and widespread violence has underpinned a multitude of claims, mostly in public policy circles and by journalists, that these conflicts are the world’s first “climate wars.”
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Despite the potential of Early warning system access to reduce disaster-related losses by $35 billion annually, about one-third of the global population remains without it, a gap widened in areas affected by conflict or fragility.
World Bank, the
Adults and children walking through flooded streets in Pakistan
This article covers how Libya and other flood-hit countries, especially in conflict zones, could learn a lot from Pakistan, where the plans for recovery from similar floods in 2022 differ in some significant ways.
Conversation Media Group, the
A cargo ship traverses rough seas off the coast of Shanghai
For the first time, the world faces simultaneous disruptions in two major global maritime trade waterways, with far-reaching implications for inflation and food and energy security.
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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