Advocacy and media

This theme covers advocacy and awareness raising of disaster risk reduction (DRR) including through traditional and new media, as well as guidance for journalists reporting on disasters, guidance on communicating about climate change and extreme weather attribution.

Latest Advocacy and media additions in the Knowledge Base

The activity was carried out first in the classroom where children were allowed to express their experience living with flood through drawings and artistic expression.
Global Resilience Partnership
This toolkit represents a new way to approach climate change communication and climate adaptation by allowing people to think about and imagine climate resilience, climate justice, and adaptation using different medium.
This guide serves as a continuation of the 2022 Guide for Climate Change Journalists and compiles advice and best practices from journalists who have successfully navigated challenges related to climate change reporting.
A new analysis identifies compelling coverage by news outlets in less-resourced countries.
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
This podcast explores ways of getting the messaging and translations right when it comes to disasters in the Pacific.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Disaster myths
In times of disaster, myths and misinformation can spread like wildfire. To help you keep your head above the floodwaters of myth and misconception, the PreventionWeb editors have put together a life-raft of truths.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Discover the Art-Based Climate Resilience Toolkit which offers a fresh perspective on climate change communication and action.
Disasters seem to be becoming more and more common, so what can be done? Ilan Kelman, professor of disasters and health at University College London, examines some options.
Academic Minute, The

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