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This theme covers advocacy and awareness raising of disaster risk reduction (DRR) including through traditional and new media, as well as guidance for journalists reporting on disasters, guidance on communicating about climate change and extreme weather attribution.

Visit the Risk Media Hub: a toolkit for news media professionals reporting on disasters and resilience. he toolkit provides an array of resources to help journalists tell the other side of the disaster story and raise critical questions to help societies become more resilient

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Documents and publications
This study aimed to evaluate university students’ perceptions of flood risk and their understanding of common flood probabilities in the Greater Sydney region of Australia.
Flooded street, Quensland, 2011
Across half of Australia’s states and territories, the driver handbook ignores flooding. That’s a missed opportunity, considering the handbook contains road rules and provides advice on how to navigate safely.
Conversation Media Group, the
Antigua and Barbuda Hurricane Damage
Research briefs
Tweets analyzed by NSF NCAR scientists offer insight into effective hurricane risk messaging
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Stop disasters game
Research briefs
Nearly 2/3 of Americans play video games and video game developers are working on ways to incorporate climate content into games. However, little research has examined whether video game players have unique value as an audience for climate communication.
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
Three Indian female textile workers standing together in solidarity at factory
Providing climance financing tailored to meet the needs and priorities of women and girls, as well as addressing the root causes of gender inequality, has multiplier effect of supporting development and reducing the impacts of the climate crisis.
Girls' Globe
With a focus on restoring degraded lands, combatting desertification and building drought resilience, countries around the world came together today to mark World Environment Day 2024, under the rallying call 'Our Land. Our Future.
United Nations Environment Programme
Research briefs
A new paper shows that social networks can play a significant role in influencing the financial behaviors and perception of catastrophic risks brought about by climate change.
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Meg Parsons
Community engagement is just as important as research and policymaking for successful efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce disaster risks. Discover the climate resilience toolkit that includes a range of art activities.
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