Food security and agriculture

Activities aimed to ensure access to and availability of adequate food supplies and the preservation of agricultural livelihoods under the pressures of climate hazards and food chains threats.

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An African farmer with his herd of goats.
As a result of the drought, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network expects staple food prices to be higher across the region than in both 2023 and the five-year average.
Dialogue Earth
Winter 2023 was one of the wettest on record. The results were clear for all to see during the first half of 2024: soil washed of its nutrients, crops bogged down in waterlogged fields, and livestock sick with waterborne illnesses.
Conversation Media Group, the
Documents and publications
This report aims to provide an illustrative and insightful overview of FAO’s work in social protection across Africa.
Documents and publications
The GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for Early Warning is an international assessment of the crop growing conditions, status, and agro-climatic conditions that are likely to impact global production. This issue covers conditions in May 2024.
Across Uganda, the impacts of climate change are threatening food security and diminishing precious water resources. In response, local innovators are pioneering adaptation solutions for farmers in rural and urban settings.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Several men harvesting in a field
There is a pressing need for comprehensive heat safety regulations to safeguard our food production and protect farmworkers from the intensifying threats of climate change.
Federation of American Scientists
Coffee farm in Peru
City officials and coffee farmers, with support from UNEP, have launched a project to restore 1,150 hectares of forests and coffee plantations. The goal: revive San Salvador’s ability to absorb rainfall.
United Nations Environment Programme
The subsidised public-private drought insurance system for agriculture adopted by the Austrian government combines indemnity-based insurance with weather index-based products.

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