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Deforestation, ecosystems and environmental management, environmental degradation, environmental impact assessment, INRM and land-use.

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Securing a safer planet for all means adopting nature-friendly ways to produce and consume food, and use land.
The United Nations World Food Programme has released a record-breaking US$ 12.8 million as part of efforts to combat the impending drought impact caused by El Niño in four southern African countries.
World Food Programme
In the aftermath of Pakistan's August 2022 floods, political and economic crises have led to soaring food and energy prices, plummeting currency values, and an increasingly angry populace unable to afford basic goods and services.
The New Humanitarian
The UN Capital Development Fund, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and Sun Insurance Company Limited are launching a new insurance product to help Fijian farmers prepare for cyclones, reduce loss of lives and damage to crops and livestock.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Asia and Pacific United Nations Capital Development Fund
An African woman standing in a corn field.
The African Development Bank has unveiled the Africa Climate Risk Insurance Facility for Adaptation (ACRIFA). The initiative is aimed at insulating countries against catastrophic weather-related events.
African Development Bank
Armenia faces severe water challenges due to climate change and needs immediate and long-term strategies to safeguard its water resources and ensure sustainable agriculture.
Asian Development Bank
A disabled man wading through water logged road on his tricycle in India, 2020
Natural calamities, primarily floods, of varying intensity adversely affect the standing crop leading to poor harvests. Such untoward climatic shocks invariably hit almost all blocks of Puri District in Odisha.
Rice Today
The GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for Early Warning is an international and transparent multi-source, consensus assessment of the crop growing conditions, status, and agro-climatic conditions. This issue covers conditions in August 2023.
Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative