Social impacts and resilience

Coping capacity, cultural impacts, loss absorption, loss acceptance, loss of livelihood, psychological impacts, psychological support, social vulnerability.

Latest Social impacts & resilience additions in the Knowledge Base

Flood - Queensland, Australia, 2011
As the country braces for a record hot summer, SEI research highlights the importance of integrating community networks and knowledge, with formal disaster planning.
University of Sydney
A family fetches water from a stream during a drought in Madagascar
Madagascar, in particular the most populated region around the capital of Antananarivo experienced in 2023 its hottest October ever, breaking many high and low temperature records.
World Weather Attribution
Research shows that counties with higher black and lower-income populations receive less support in wildfire disasters.
The Society for Risk Analysis
The long-term prospects of Sierra Leone's Nyangai Island look bleak. Among the islanders still there, a sense of fatalism now prevails. They know they lack the means to stop the continuing destruction of their island.
An electric fan cools down a resident inside her house
Summer is coming – and it’s starting earlier, becoming hotter and lasting longer. As the hot weather hits, many renters will be sweltering in their homes.
Conversation Media Group, the
Cover and source: World Bank
This report explores how climate action, in line with Uzbekistan’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060, interacts with the country’s growth and development path.
An African woman standing in a corn field.
A recent policy brief from UN Climate Change underscores the increased integration of gender considerations in climate change adaptation plans across the globe and the growing recognition of women’s key contributions to effective adaptation.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Pedestrians traverse the inundated streets of Venice, Italy
Cities across the world lack the infrastructure, societal safety nets and robust environmental policies needed to combat the worsening impacts of climate change, according to the Resilient Cities Index 2023.
Economist Impact

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