Cultural heritage

Efforts to protect cultural heritage from disaster risk, including tangible heritage (monuments, archaeological sites, paintings, manuscripts, sculpture) and intangible heritage (inherited traditions or living expressions).

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Documents and publications
Delving into the intricate relationship between culture, identity and disaster preparedness and response, this report highlights the importance of integrating cultural considerations into disaster risk reduction & disaster response work.
Kids at Holi festival
Hot temperatures are an increasing health concern in India and around the world. For this analysis, the authors focused on the chance that people celebrating Holi would encounter temperatures above 40°C.
Climate Central
Some sites have been used by humans for thousands of years.
Yale Climate Connections
From Appalachia to the Bayou to the desert Southwest, here's how culture can teach us about adapting to a warmer world.
Grist Magazine
Tuvalu is among nations digitising heritage in the face of climate impacts, but there are concerns around cost, access and control.
Research briefs
Thousands of historic and archaeological sites in Georgia are at risk from tropical storm surges, and that number will increase with climate change, according to a new study.
Australian native performing traditional ritual with fire.
Bringing climate science and Indigenous knowledge systems together promises to produce better results for heritage protection as the climate changes. And there is no time to waste.
Conversation Media Group, the
Many researchers believe that China’s arid northwest is becoming warmer and wetter. Frequent temperature changes contribute to fresco damage, and many are concerned about the Mogao paintings.
China Dialogue

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