Tavida Kamolvej is is the Deputy Governor of Bangkok. She worked for 20+ years as a disaster specialist, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University and is a well-known Thai public policy professional.
Soosan Momeni Mokoee works as Shelter-WASH Coordinator for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in from Tehran, Iran.
Regina “Nanette” Salvador-Antequisa has had a very active and diverse career in DRR in the Philippines, mainly as Executive Director of the civil society organization ECOWEB (for ‘Ecosystems Work For Essential Benefits’).
A strong DDR leader in her home country Nepal, Krishna is happy to look back on her career: “Initially, I started working in the governance sector in Nepal to support the country’s democratization process".
In 1991, a young student in her home country of Bangladesh, Shaila Shahid experienced one of the deadliest tropical cyclones ever recorded.
Goma Karki works as Project Manager for Youth Innovation Lab in Kathmandu, Nepal, leading the Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth (The Youth CAN) project.
Flora Vano is the Country Manager of ActionAid Vanuatu, an organization that supports local women to become galvanizing and powerful community leaders, particularly in times of crisis such as disasters.
Lulu’s dedication to disaster research stems from her personal experience in an earthquake that struck her hometown in Sichuan Province in China in 2008.
Today, in her academic role at the School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Decibel works at the intersection of scientific research and the application of risk knowledge to decision-making.
Ankita Shah from Kathmandu in Nepal is the Executive Director of Bighnaharta Nepal, a non-profit organization based in the country’s capital Kathmandu. She was not always meant to work in DRR.

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