Regan Pairojmahakij, Center for People and Forests, the

Healthy forest landscapes help local communities both adapt to climate change and manage the risk of disasters.

Nontincha Wansawang, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Nonticha says planning for climate disasters like droughts is critical but it has to be more than a government plan.

Ayeisha Sheldon, United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Programme

Despite the challenges, Ayeisha says building the capacity with local governments down to the community level, can support better disaster pla

Ria Sen, United Nations - World Food Programme (WFP)

Ria Sen says disaster risk reduction and climate projects need to have engagement tools that recognize the financial and social barriers that

Litea Biukoto, Advisor - Hazard Assessment, Secretariat of the Pacific Community

“Having data systems in place with consultations with the community helps ensure that the designs that are being considered are not just envir

Taiaopo Faumuina, Samoa Bureau of Statistics
Taiaopo Faumuina is the Assistant Chief Executive Officer at the Samoa Bureau of Statistics in the division of Census, Survey and Demography.
Susan Grey, femLINKPACIFIC

Shifting the focus from disaster impacts to addressing the fundamental drivers of vulnerability is vital for sustainable development.

Dzhergalbek Ukashev, Deputy Director, Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction

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Jean Louis Rossi, Associate professor, Universitry of Corsica

Dickie Whitaker

The Lighthill Risk Network recently published two reports on developing scenarios, one for the insurance industry and one for the DRR community