Forecast-based financing


An innovative approach to release funds for disaster preparedness and response according to predefined triggers before a crisis occurs.

The city of Lira in Uganda affected by floods
Uganda was one of the nations who first pioneered Forecast-based Financing (FbF).
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Rein Paulsen
The way humanitarian aid has functioned for decades is as a response. But there is a better way to respond; a way that is more supportive of vulnerable households, more financially effective, and, more logistically efficient.
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This study investigated whether FbF combined with a user-centered I-EWS for drought has the potential to increase the drought resilience of Australian farming communities.
Natural Hazards (Springer)

This technical paper documents a methodology designed to support drought forecast-based action approach to enhance drought risk management. This approach aims to support the climate risk management efforts of both operational agencies and climate

International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (Kenya Red Cross)

In this study, the authors carefully examine current practices and approaches to explore opportunities to use weather forecasts, flood alerts and warning to inform forecast-based disaster risk management. Furthermore, they analyzed existing policy

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Forecast-based early action and early warning systems are integral components of disaster resilience and have the potential to reinforce one another.
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