Understanding disaster risk: Risk drivers

Risk is influenced by the decisions we make. From climate change to poor urban planning, it is critical to understand and address risk drivers to curb disaster risk.

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Climate change
Climate change can increase disaster risk in a variety of ways - by altering the frequency and intensity of hazard events, affecting vulnerability to hazards, and changing exposure patterns.
Dry lake bed with natural texture of cracked clay in perspective floor.
Environmental degradation
Environmental degradation is both a driver and consequence of disasters, reducing the capacity of the environment to meet social and ecological needs.
This image shows a mini business man figure looking at euro sign on the stack of banknotes.
Globalized economic development
This has increased vulnerability to disasters in some cases, whilst increasing exposure to hazards in others as more (and often more valuable) assets are developed in hazard-prone areas.
A poor boy collecting garbage waste from a landfill site in the outskirts of Delhi. Hundreds of children work at these sites to earn their livelihood.
Poverty and inequality
Poverty is both a driver and consequence of disasters, and the processes that further disaster risk related poverty are permeated with inequality.
Aerial view of a massive Rocinha favela in Sao Conrado, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
Poorly planned urban development
Whether or not disaster risk is factored into investment decisions in urban development will have a decisive influence on the future of disaster risk reduction.
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Weak governance
Investment environments in which public sector actors do not assume their roles and responsibilities.

This is part of the Understanding Disaster Risk section on PreventionWeb, which explains the concept of disaster risk, risk assessment, and management strategies, emphasizing collaboration among stakeholders for effective disaster risk reduction.

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