Scaling up DRR in Humanitarian Action


Humanitarianism and DRR mutually inform each other. Below are key readings for understanding the humanitarian-DRR nexus.

Drought in the Horn of Africa - Rapid response and mitigation plan to avert a humanitarian catastrophe
This report describes the activities that should be prioritized from recent Humanitarian Response Plans in order to save the livelihoods and lives of 1.5 million rural people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia who are facing another La Niña‑induced drought.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
Aisha Jamshed
Welthungerhilfe Pakistan Country Director Aisha Jamshed tells PreventionWeb about the Start Network’s anticipatory action in Pakistan, and the importance of community involvement, forecasting, and coordination with donors.
Markus Enenkel
Anticipatory action and risk finance specialist Markus Enenkel explains the importance of forecasting capacity, locally-led planning, and donor confidence for scaling up anticipatory humanitarian programmes.
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This analysis assess the opportunities and challenges associated with utilising forecast-based financing (FbF) to expand anticipatory and early humanitarian action, based on the structured judgements of experts.
Environmental Research Letters (IOP)
Humanitarian assistance during a pandemic in Bali, Indonesia
This article presents the main findings from the author's research on opportunities to use complex systems modeling to inform humanitarian action, outlining recommendations for how the Centre for Humanitarian Data can apply the findings, including by piloting System Dynamics techniques.
Centre for Humanitarian Data
This image shows a class 5 Super Taifun approaching the Asian Pacific coast. The image shows the eye of the hurricane viewed from space.
The Anticipation Hub's trigger database presents information on the trigger systems of early action protocols. It adds to the information presented in the early action database and evidence database, in order to help practitioners review elements of the trigger process that could be useful in the development of similar triggers in early action plans.
Anticipation Hub