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This guidance document provides “how to” instructions for the development of Impact Webs. Impact Webs are a novel methodological tool which are designed to better understand and characterize complex risks.
United Nations University
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This report highlights the work over the years in addressing internal displacement and developing the the IDMC Internal Displacement Index (IDI). It also underscores ongoing challenges while providing recommendations for future efforts.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Given the magnitude of the climate emergency, international organisations, and national and local governments need to know how workers in informal employment are affected by extreme weather events so that they can create policies to support these workers.
International Institute for Environment and Development
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This report captures and builds on learning from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) anticipatory action pilot in Nepal.
Centre for Disaster Protection
Research from SMU fire anthropologist shows Fiji grassland fires predate human settlement by thousands of years. Study calls for greater consideration of climate as a factor contributing to fires.
Southern Methodist University
A concerted effort by NEMA aims at bolstering inter-agency collaboration and enhancing the capacity of grassroots-level human resources. These endeavors will equip personnel and stakeholders with skills and knowledge for effective disaster management.
National Emergency Management Agency (Nigeria)
Healthy soils
“Peat subsidence” is the downward movement of the Earth's surface due to the removal of subsurface earth materials. Peat subsidence triggers environmental problems and increases carbon dioxide emissions. Finding ways to save peatlands is crucial.
World Resources Institute
People planting mangroves in the mud.
A Dutch-Indonesian team of scientists jointly investigated the potential and limitation of mangrove restoration as a cost-effective and sustainable solution for coastal protection in rapidly subsiding areas.
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

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