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Remaining puddle in a dried lake
The rapid development of unexpected drought, called flash drought, can severely impact agricultural and ecological systems with ripple effects that extend even further.
University of Oklahoma
Gold money coin with trading graph, financial investment concept can use as background
Increased average temperatures could drive up annual food and headline inflation by up to 1.18 percent by 2035, a new ECB working paper with PIK expertise shows.
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Machine learning technology that can recognize human faces may also help to improve weather forecasts, according to a team of scientists.
Pennsylvania State University
New UNU report highlights lessons for building climate resilience based on experiences from the 2021 floods in Western Europe
United Nations University
This image shows a group of refugees walking in a cornfield. They are Syrian refugees who are crossing the border to reach the EU.
High temperatures also cause heat illnesses and death in migrants along their journey
Columbia Engineers develop machine-learning algorithm that will help researchers to better understand and mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, which are becoming more frequent in our warming climate.
Columbia University
Karamoja is not only one of the country’s most food-insecure regions but has also been plagued by communal violence and violent cattle rustling for decades.
New Security Beat
African women carrying water back to their villages.
Current climate policies will leave more than a fifth of humanity exposed to dangerously hot temperatures by 2100, new research suggests.
University of Exeter