Author: Md. Bodrud-Doza Suraiah Khan

Addressing food security and climate change through regenerative agriculture

Source(s): Business Standard Ltd

Bangladesh needs to gradually transition to regenerative agriculture to curb the impacts of environmental and climate vulnerabilities to ensure food security for a growing population.

One of the significant challenges that Bangladesh faces is ensuring food security of a growing population. The most viable and holistic solution to this problem is regenerative agriculture. Although the term may not sound familiar to many, it has become a game-changing initiative to sustain agriculture worldwide. 


Regenerative agriculture is a farming system that attempts to conserve soil and contribute to multiple provisioning, regulating and supporting services of the ecosystem. And it aims to enhance the environmental, social and economic sustainability of food production. Some practices that are included in regenerative agriculture are diverse crop rotation, no-till/ direct seeding, cover cropping, compost/ manure application, livestock integration, and agroforestry.


Methods of regenerative agriculture increase the amount of arable topsoil. It improves soil's physical properties by decreasing soil compaction, improving aggregate stability, and enhances the chemical quality of soil by increasing their nitrogen and phosphorus content, and increasing exchangeable potassium, sodium, and magnesium.


By studying different geographic contexts and current practices of agriculture, a slow transition needs to be planned and executed to incorporate regenerative agriculture through knowledge generation and capacity building of farmers, relevant institutions and stakeholders.


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