National policies, plans and risk and governance profile(s)

Cover and source: International Centre for Climate Change and Development
This report is a scientific synthesis intended to inform policymakers, media, the private sector, civil society, academics and anyone looking for country-level information on the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh.
Using a high-resolution dataset of 8.2 million households in Bangladesh’s coastal zone, researchers assess the extent to which infrastructure service disruptions induced by disasters can thwart progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
Cover and source: InterAction
This report underscores the importance of a multisectoral environmental management group established early in the crisis and aims to shed light against uncoordinated efforts that can lead to maladaptation.
Cover and source: Climatic change (Springer Link)
The research findings identified different pathways through which women and children’s mental health was compromised in the context of structural violence and climatic risks.
Cover and source: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
This case study explores how countries like Bangladesh and Timor-Leste are pioneering in embedding EWEA into their legal frameworks, setting a precedent for disaster risk governance.
This manual discusses the process of climate risk screening/climate risk and vulnerability assessment (CRVA) mainstreamed into the project formulation and implementation system of Bangladesh.
This Pre-Crises Assessment of Monsoon Flooding in Bangladesh presents the collective accountability to the affected population in Bangladesh of the Humanitarian Coordination Task Team members to improve their coordinated action in anticipatory action.
This study uses the ASPIRE tool to evaluate the readiness and effectiveness of social protection systems in Bangladesh, identifying gaps and opportunities to improve anticipatory measures and climate resilience.

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