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Across northern Kenya, roadside signs proclaim projects aimed at creating “resilience” among pastoralist communities. This is a region where frequent droughts, animal disease, insecurity and structural exclusion all affect pastoral livelihoods.
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Close-up on a few desert locusts on corn plants.
In work published in Agronomy, the TMG Research gGmbH study team traced a highly destructive desert locust invasion in the Eastern Africa and Horn region between 2019-2021. Ethiopia and Kenya sprayed over a million hectares with damaging pesticides.
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Young Ghana woman watering her land with newly planted fields
Climate change affects all spheres of life, particularly those aspects that depend on the environment. Farming communities are a case in point.
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Climate change means more storms, droughts, and unpredictable weather – how can farmers prepare better?
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CLEAR analysis inform targeted resilience and adaptation activities, shed light on climate risks, provide a climate lens to monitoring systems, serve as an emergency preparedness & policy tool, and offer recommendations to strengthen household resilience
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Experts want Counties to scale up and accelerate the adoption of recently developed disease and pest control technologies to realize better yields this season.
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As theories circulate that climate change could benefit some farmers, one in China’s Northwest faces harsher realities
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The apple hangs on the tree, shriveled and damp. Climate change is also leading to crop failures.
From 1980 to 2009, farmers faced an ever-increasing chance of having to deal with a growing season that was too hot and dry for their crops, according to a new study led by researchers at Aalto University.
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Women carrying water in Somalia.
With support from OCHA, several humanitarian organizations used data on food insecurity and climate, which is widely available in Somalia, to launch an anticipatory action framework for drought.
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Experts say that poverty, societal attitudes and gender norms have made it harder for women in Pakistan to cope with the impacts of climate change, in this report on International Women’s Day
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