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Soil drought could reduce human death rates during heat waves by lowering air humidity, while cooling strategies like wetting surfaces could inadvertently intensify lethal heat stress, according to a new study in the journal Science Advances.
Two beavers in the water
It’s no accident that both the MIT and the California Institute of Technology claim the beaver (Castor canadensis) as their mascots. Renowned engineers, beavers seem able to dam any stream, building structures with logs and mud that can flood large areas.
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The objective of this report is to provide a concise overview of available nature-based solution (NBS) assessment frameworks in the context of adaptation to climate change and disaster risk reduction.
Wetland park in Haikou, Hainan (China)
Cohesive, cross-sectoral strategies can promote nature-based solutions for climate security, socioeconomic development, and eco-sustainability.
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This note provides quick practical tips to integrate environment and climate change aspects in policy, investment and capacity-development measures on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, as a part of integrated water resource management. 
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The following note provides quick practical tips for policy, investment and capacity-development interventions, matched to local contexts, which aim to mainstream environmental and climate change aspects within management of water resources.
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This guide explores how to achieve the substantial reduction of disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods and health and in the economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets of persons, businesses, communities and countries.
Sambouya, Gambia, Africa, December 15, 2020, horizontal wide angle photography: landscape with sandy ground, many holes, palm trees and sand mining big trucks, with bright sky, outdoors on a sunny day
We know that forests are crucial to fighting global climate change, but another important and perhaps less appreciated aspect is the way they affect the climate on a much more local scale.
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This report showcases good practices in flood management approaches by the African cities to provide concise information on disaster risk reduction practices, with a specific focus on ecosystem – and nature-based solutions.
Although various interventions have been put in place to ensure that flood risk in the Accra, Ghana is properly managed, some Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assembiles face significant challenges to finance reconstruction work after floods.