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Global expert consultation on the zero draft of the Global Capacity Development Strategy in support of the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Organizer(s) United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Office in Incheon for Northeast Asia and Global Education and Training Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
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International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG),
Rue de Varembé 17, 1211 Genève, Switzerland,
Rooms 5 & 6



The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 has set ambitious targets for 2020 and 2030. At varying levels, Member States, particularly least developed nations, small Island developing states, landlocked countries and middle-income countries facing particular conditions of vulnerability will require support in their efforts to implement the Sendai Framework and achieve its target of preventing new and reducing existing disaster risk and to strengthen resilience.

One of the areas that Member States have identified where technical support is required is in building the capacity of institutions and professionals dealing with the implementation of the Sendai Framework at the national and local level.

To fulfill this expectation, a paradigm shift in the approach to capacity development will be required. Current approaches to capacity development, as practiced, will require rationalization to bring coherence in the capacity development work done by a variety of actors, including United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, state-lead and private sector stakeholders.

Consequently, the formulation of a Global Capacity Development Strategy to support the Implementation of the Sendai Framework will allow partners to work together in a complementary way to ensure capacity development programmes lead to sustainable capacities in the Member States with the aim of reducing disaster losses and strengthen resilience.


During the first session of the UN Senior Leadership Group (SLG) for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) held in April 2017, its members were informed that UNISDR is developing a capacity-building strategy that will identify gaps and opportunities to build greater focus and coherence globally, including incorporating the capacity-building efforts of key partners. The members agreed to receive updates in future SLG meetings. With that aim, an initial discussion towards the development of a global capacity development strategy was organized and facilitated by the UNISDR during the 2017 Global Platform, on 23 May 2017, in Cancun, Mexico. To date, a series of in-person regional consultations with African, Arab States, Americas, Asia-Pacific and European representatives of Member States, inter-governmental organizations, and other relevant stakeholders and partners has concluded. To supplement the in-person consultations, an online consultation was conducted in November 2017. In addition, a desk review was conducted to inform the development of the strategy. Over 200 participants were consulted.

Objectives of the Strategy

The formulation of the global capacity development strategy will help to:

  • Address needs, gaps and opportunities in capacity development for implementation of the Sendai Framework.
  • Establish a mechanism for ongoing mapping of key and most relevant capacity development programmes identified by Member States, and identify who does what.
  • Define key priorities, minimum standards, basic principles for sustainable and effective capacity development.
  • Agree on the most appropriate approaches to address the needs and gaps.
  • Agree on the way forward and forge partnerships to tailor capacity development work based on the principles and priorities articulated in the strategy.

The process will help to identify key partners and stakeholders to be engaged in capacity development for implementation of the Sendai Framework, as well as solicit their contribution to the development of the Strategy.

The outcome of the regional and online consultations has informed the zero draft of the Capacity Development Strategy. As a next step, UNISDR is organizing a Global expert consultation meeting scheduled to take place on 14-15 March 2018 at CICG Geneva. The purpose of this meeting will be to conduct a review of the zero draft of the strategy with the participation of DRR and capacity development experts nominated by Member States, inter-governmental organizations, partners, other experts and stakeholders who will be invited to contribute to the drafting process. At this meeting, key potential partnerships for the implementation and mechanisms for roll-out of the strategy will be identified for later follow up.

Target Audience

Over 100 participants included representatives of Member States, Inter-Governmental Organizations involved in capacity development for DRR, UN organizations, the Capacity Development for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI), science and technology groups, academia, private sector and other stakeholder groups, upon invitation.

Subsequent consultations and roll out events are planned during the regional platforms for disaster risk reduction.

Objectives of the consultation and review

  • Conduct a review of the zero draft of the strategy and identify any missing elements.
  • Identify key potential partnerships for implementation of the strategy and discuss about means of implementation and monitoring.
  • Discuss the key potential partnerships for implementation of the strategy, including the possible mechanisms to manage the partnerships.
  • Involve key potential partners in the process of development and implementation of the strategy with a view to co-create and promote coordinated action.
  • Agreement for common action, and follow up, from the participants.

Expected Outcomes

  • Key partners involved in drafting of the strategy
  • Key potential partners identified for implementation
  • Suggested mechanism to manage the existing and potential future partnerships for coordinated action, implementation and monitoring of the strategy
  • A general commitment for common action and next steps

Comments on the zero draft were open for submission in writing until 31 March 2018 to isdr-incheon[at]un[dot]org. The comment period on the zero drat is now closed.

See link to zero draft and consultation outcomes below. Links to the first draft strategic approach will be made once available.

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