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Burial team during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, 2015
The Government of Sierra Leone is this week holding a three-day Universal Health and Preparedness Review high-level meeting in the country’s capital, Freetown.
World Health Organization
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As a result of the heavy rains, River Jong broke its banks, overflowed into the neighbouring villages, including Bo-Jong, and left a trail of destruction impacting people living on the Island.
International Organization for Migration
Significant proportion of urban dwellers who are poor and those whose living conditions do not provide adequate shelter from heat risks make Africa deserving special attention
Down To Earth

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The initial National Adaptation Plan (iNAP) responds to the overall objectives of the UNFCCC’s National Adaptation Plan Guidelines for reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.
Sierra Leone - government

The disaster management Policy is a comprehensive approach that enhances increased political commitment to disaster risk management thereby encouraging government agencies to take the lead and supported by non-governmental organisations. It also promotes

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The purpose of the National Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (NDPRP) is to establish a comprehensive all-hazard approach to national incident management spectrum of activities including preparedness, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery

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despite regular donor inflows for disaster response, Sierra Leone remains without a robust system for tracking the use of donor funds. Sierra Leone’s shift toward proactive financial planning will take time.
World Bank, the Global Risk Financing Facility
The preparation of this National Progress Report has been undertaken within the framework of the biennial 2009-11 HFA Monitoring and Progress Review process, facilitated by UNISDR and ISDR System partners.
Disaster Management Department, Office of National Security