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Although ‘climate change’ seems to be the most frequently used word in popular media, ‘climate crisis’ has become significantly more widespread within the past two or three years.
29 Mar 2022
These educational videos are meant to summarize the key actions governments and stakeholders can take to reduce disaster displacement. The videos, available in English, Tagalog, Bahasa, and Tetum.
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This paper examines 512 Australian newspaper articles published over a five-year period (2016–2021) that report on air pollution due to bushfire smoke and resulting human health impacts.
Somalia well water
Water Science Policy invites photographers to submit photostories on groundwater – an important source of fresh water. Winners will be announced on World Water Day 2022, receive a financial prize, and will be featured in an educational photography book.
03 Feb 2022
Welcome to the online course on risk communication, a core public health intervention in any disease outbreak and health emergency.
8 hours
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The main goal of task 1.3 is to carry out an empirical study of what citizens and social groups need and expect from authorities and first responders to improve communication and societal resilience.
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This paper examines critical gaps and implications of risk communication in the global agreements SFDRR, SDGs, and UNFCCC by assessing three select case studies from urban areas of tropics in South Asia.
Close up of an African Black videographer looking through viewfinder on video camera.
DIRAJ brings together journalists and communicators in Africa interested in exchanging news, tools and practices from a disaster risk reduction perspective to build a culture of prevention rather than just a culture of reaction.
Les membres des communautés sont toujours les premiers à amener de l’aide quand l’urgence frappe.