Italy National Platform


The Italian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction has been formally created by a Decree of the Prime Minister issued on February 18th, 2008, aiming at ensuring the full implementation of the Hyogo Declaration and of the Hyogo Framework for Action in Italy.


The Platform is a coordination forum that builds on existing DRR capabilities. It is coordinated by the Italian National Civil Protection Department (DPC). At present, the Platform includes the following organizations:

Public bodies

  1. Prime Minister’s Office, Department of civil protection;
  2. Ministry of foreign affairs;
  3. Ministry of interior;
  4. Ministry of defense;
  5. Ministry of economy and finance;
  6. Ministry of economic development;
  7. Ministry of environment and land and sea safeguard;
  8. Ministry of infrastructures and transportation;
  9. Ministry of work, health and social policies;
  10. Ministry of education, university and research;
  11. Prime Minister’s Office, Department of regional affairs and local government;
  12. Unified State and Regions Conference (CSR);
  13. National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI);

DRR stakeholders

  1. The National scientific and academic community;
  2. The community of NGOs and volunteers’ organizations active in the field of DRR and disaster risk management;
  3. The community of insurance companies active in Italy represented by ANIA
  4. Other organizations invited to join the works of the Platform on a subject- matter basis.


All initiatives undertaken by the Platform are co-financed by the participating parties.


The vision of the Platform is a risk-aware and resilient society able to prevent disasters and to mitigate their impact.

The aim of the Platform is to integrate Disaster Risk Reduction into decision making processes at all levels in policy, administration and in the private sector. The overall goal is to promote all activities that may enable the society to reduce human, social and economic losses caused by natural disasters.


The main mandate of the Platform has been set by Law, and includes:

  • to promote all activities required for implementing the Hyogo Declaration and the Hyogo Framework for Action;
  • to represent internationally the Italian DRR system and to act as a National focal point for the UN-ISDR and other national and international DRR stakeholders;
  • to help collaboration and coordination on DRR by promoting the employment of the most suitable
  • operational tools for improving community resilience;
  • to support the spreading and strengthening the culture of risk awareness and prevention;
  • to promote the integration of DRR considerations into bi- and multi-lateral cooperation agreements;
  • to foster the adoption of new DRR initiatives in cooperation with foreign National platforms and stakeholders.

In order to perform the tasks established by its mandate, the Platform aims to:

  • be a forum for knowledge sharing, political cooperation on DRR and the definition of sector-specific policies;
  • help putting theory into practice by liaising between policymakers, scientists and DRR professionals;
  • promote public-private partnerships and joint projects carried out in Italy and abroad;
  • link national and international activities and initiatives.
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