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National disaster plan - Commonwealth of Dominica

The National Disaster Plan (2001) revised, is the latest revision of a draft plan that has been in existence since 1987. The format and content have been extensively modified to reflect up-to-date thinking and technologies relating to disaster management in the wider context of sustainable national development. It caters to continuous updating and to the addition of sub plans for hazards and disaster related functions as deemed necessary. It is intended to provide the legal framework upon which disaster management, operations and training are predicated, and under which government officers can be held accountable for disaster responsibilities, supported by the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency (Disaster) Powers Act of 1987.

The National Emergency Planning Organisation (N.E.P.O) has been established to deal with the wide range of matters pertaining to the management of disaster situations that may occur. N.E.P.O is a governmental organization with responsibility for the planning and organization of counter-disaster measures at central level. However, regardless of how well plans are made, for them to be of any value, they must be translated into action at the level of the people whom they are intended to protect.

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