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Myanmar climate change strategy and action plan (MCCSAP) 2016–2030

The Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (MCCSAP) is based on the theory of change model, outlining its vision of a climate-resilient, inclusive nation that can address climate risks and harness the benefits of low-carbon development. To achieve its goal, Myanmar needs to direct its development actions along two strategic pathways that represent the two objectives of this strategy:

  • - To increase the adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities and sectors so they are resilient to the impacts of climate change. 
  • - To create and maximise opportunities for potential sectors to follow a low-carbon development pathway ensuring development benefits to households and all economic sectors. 

To achieve these goals, the plan operates under six action areas: policy, institutions, finance, capacity and technology, awareness, and partnerships. Moreover, the strategy will guide investment in six key sectors that contribute to current and planned economic and social development in Myanmar. These six sectors are: agriculture, fisheries and livestock sector; natural resource management; energy, transport and industrial systems; towns and cities; disasters, risks and health impacts; and education, awareness and technological systems.

The government has decided to implement the strategy through five pillars. These are:

  • - An overarching policy framework to guide coherent investment in climate-resilient and low-carbon development.
  • - A multi-stakeholder institutional mechanism to coordinate action across actors and scales.
  • - A financial mechanism to mobilise and allocate finance for inclusive investment in climate-resilient and low-carbon development.
  • - A capacity-strengthening framework to enhance the capacity of actors across scale to plan and implement climate-resilient and low-carbon development initiatives.
  • - A monitoring evaluation and learning framework to guide evidence-based and iterative solutions for climate-resilient and low-carbon development. 



  • Themes:Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Governance
  • Countries/Regions:Myanmar

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