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Bhutan: National adaptation programme of action - Update of projects and profiles 2012

This update to Bhutan’s NAPA is an addendum to the Bhutan National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) 2006.

Bhutan was one of the first LDC parties to prepare and submit its NAPA to the UNFCCC in 2006 and also one of the first countries to start implementation of their NAPA in 2007. The LDCF funded project to address the threat of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) from Thorthormi Lake, one of the most dangerous glacial lakes in Bhutan, has been featured in many media articles and programs and often cited as an example of adaptation implementation. However since then, the remaining NAPA priorities have not been implemented due to the lack of funding. With the time that has elapsed since the 2006 NAPA, new climate hazards such as windstorms and cyclones have emerged as new threats and a review and update of the NAPA for Bhutan was felt necessary. A review and update was also necessary to take stock of the implementation status of the priority projects and also their adequacy in light of the new climate threats before starting the implementation of the remaining priority projects.

With this background, Bhutan’s NAPA was reviewed and updated by a national task force using UNFCCC and LEG guidelines. The NAPA review and update process benefitted from the V&A conducted under the preparation of the Second National Communication to the UNFCCC (SNC) and also benefitted from the opportunities for synergy as many of the NAPA update task force members were also engaged in the assessments for SNC and Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas (CLSH). The review and update process for Bhutan’s NAPA was made possible with financial support from UNDP-Bhutan and coordinated by the National Environment Commission. 

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