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Kenya: National policy for disaster management

The National Policy for Disaster Management in Kenya aims at the establishment and strengthening of disaster management institutions, partnerships, and networking and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the development process in Kenya, to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups to cope with potential disasters. This document contains six chapters that provide background information on disaster patterns and profiles in Kenya including existing categories. Justification summarizes the existing initiatives for Disaster Management, and the consequent problems and challenges. The Systematic Approach gives guidelines and principles for effective disaster management and Code of Conduct expected of different stakeholders involved in disaster management in Kenya.

It provides for enactment by Parliament for a legislative provision for effective Disaster Management by establishment of an institutional framework that is legally recognized and embedded within the Government structures. Innovative ways of mobilizing resources, managing them and accounting for them properly have also been provided for, together with a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework not only to monitor the progress in the implementation of this policy, but also to undertake regular disaster risk profiling and monitoring in order to be more prepared for disasters. 


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Governance
  • Countries/Regions:Kenya

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