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Liberia: National policy and response strategy on climate change

This National Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy was developed to guide national response measures in addressing climate change. The strategy further provides guidance on integrating climate change issues into national development planning processes at national, county, district and local levels for effective coordination. It also outlines policies for adaptation and mitigation in key sectors in the country.

The document is divided into Eleven (11) main chapters. Chapter 1 is the introductory part which, includes the context and rational for the climate change policy and strategy. Chapter 2 discusses the methodology used in the preparation of the policy and strategy document. Chapter 3 mainly deals with the national circumstances which contain geographical description, natural resources, population dynamics and settlement, economy, and education. Chapter 4 is a section in which climate trends and projections are discussed. Climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and response undertaken are discussed in Chapter 5 and 6 respectively. Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Policy and Strategy are covered in section 7. Section 8 discusses the adaptation, mitigation policies and Strategies under sectors identified as key to the climate change setting of the Republic of Liberia. Enabling pillars or building blocks, which are critical for the realization of the policies and strategies implementation, are presented in section 9. In Chapter 10, action plan and resource mobilization plan are discussed. Chapter 11 is all about the monitoring and evaluation framework which is a critical tracking tool for the achievement of the desired objectives. 


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