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Ghana: National action programme to combat drought and desertification

The National Action Programme to Combat Drought and Desertification is a sectoral national programme of the Republic of Ghana, applicable for the period of 2002-2027. Its main objective is to sustain high agricultural production and ensure food security and enhanced livelihoods whilst combating desertification to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem and to properly manage and conserve natural resources. In the area of food security, the following activities are contemplated:

  1. strengthening research institutions in the development of drought tolerant crop varieties;
  2. promoting the dissemination of drought-tolerant crops;
  3. strengthening the extension services to effectively promote drought tolerant crop varieties;
  4. supporting programmes for training and application of integrated dryland farming systems;
  5. and promoting research into dry-land farming systems.

The Programme also covers the issue of agricultural production providing for the following actions:

  1. assisting communities to acquire bullocks for animal traction;
  2. increasing livestock production;
  3. encouraging farmers to increase the production of small ruminants, such as sheep, goats as well as cattle, poultry and pigs;
  4. training of farmers and extension agents on improved livestock husbandry (feeding, watering, health, housing methods);
  5. provision of improved breeds and farmer support services;
  6. development of markets for agricultural products;
  7. strengthening of existing programmes/projects and policies aimed at solving the problems of marketing produce;
  8. improving/constructing infrastructure (feeder roads, storage/warehousing facilities etc.) for promoting marketing of agricultural produce;
  9. promoting the availability of supervised input credit schemes;
  10. promoting the linkage of inventory credit schemes to stored agricultural produce;
  11. promoting the formation of community cooperative and credit unions review of the tax policy to accommodate agricultural subsidies for the promotion of the country's staples;
  12. reducing the numerous taxes at roadblocks;
  13. promoting block farming system in the affected areas;
  14. establishing special revolving fund schemes for production;
  15. developing and promoting inputs-product marketing credit scheme.

‚ÄčIt also discusses the issue of drought management, providing for the following measures:

  1. development of contingency plan for food and water supply;
  2. contingency crop planning;
  3. promoting the use of drought tolerant crop varieties;
  4. strengthening national capacity in agro-meteorology;
  5. development of early warning systems and dissemination of the requisite information;
  6. developing contingency plan for drought relief schemes and management of environmental refugees;
  7. provision of contingency budgetary allocation for drought relief;
  8. development and expansion of dry season farming;
  9. establishment of national deficiency response schemes during periods of food production shortfall and create storage facilities to cater for bumper harvests;
  10. strengthening of the Ghana Irrigation Development Authority to provide small-scale irrigation schemes in all affected areas;
  11. development and implementation of water harvesting technologies; 
  12. training and capacity building of personnel in drought management.

The Programme establishes that the National Desertification Committee will be responsible for the overall supervision and implementation of its provisions. The main functions of the Committee will include:

  1. decision making and co-ordination of all Programme activities;
  2. assessment and assigning responsibilities to various stakeholders;
  3. approval of policies and other measures to create an enabling environment, and
  4. monitoring and evaluation of all Programme activities.


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