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2017 European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction: High-Level Dialogue Communiqué

A High-Level Dialogue was held in Istanbul, Turkey at the 2017 European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction Open Forum with the participation of Governments, the European Union, Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society, private sector, academic and other experts to consider incentives for disaster risk reduction as the world prepares to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The High-Level Dialogue proposed the following way forward to unify the efforts of stakeholders: 

  1. Ensure that inclusive national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction are well coordinated and trigger the determination of specific roles and responsibilities and accountability to ensure that strategies are aligned with incentives to reduce disaster risk. 
  2. Leverage the work underway in Europe to integrate sustainable finance with the disaster risk reduction and climate agenda. Stronger links between sustainable/green finance and disaster risk reduction ensure sustainable development. 
  3. Raise awareness and risk knowledge including through parliamentarian and local community engagement in scaling up of disaster risk reduction incentives. 
  4. Acknowledge that measuring progress on Sendai implementation and accounting for losses arising from disasters provide tangible means to trigger financial incentives and engagement in disaster risk reduction and support implementation to this end. Continue Europe’s engagement in addressing Sendai with the understanding that societal diversity is a value and a resource for strengthening resilience to disasters. 
  5. Further engage local stakeholders and citizens to ensure disaster risk reduction is integrated into local and regional development, including “intelligent” reconstruction after disasters. 
  6. Invest in education for emergencies and disaster risk and preparedness. 
  7. Strengthen partnerships as they are essential to build resilience while at the same time disaster risk reduction fosters investments that favour jobs and growth.

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