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Programme of Action for the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 in Africa

The Plan of Action (PoA) is the strategic plan for the implementation of the Sendai Framework in Africa. It is intended to provide guidance and direction for actions by all at the continental, regional, national and sub-national/local levels in Africa to prevent and reduce the risk of disasters for resilience in line with the Sendai Framework. The PoA comprises and integrates strategic DRR elements to be carried out over the 15-year period of the Sendai Framework.

It also includes a 5-year action plan comprising priority activities as Phase I of the PoA within the Sendai Framework timeframe. The strategic direction is contained in the strategic areas of intervention of the PoA while the specific activities of the 5-year programme are guided by the Sendai Framework and prioritized based on continental, regional, national and sub-national/local strategic needs identified through the consultation processes of the Africa Working Group on DRR (AWG). The specific activities address priorities of Africa over the next five years necessary to achieve the Sendai Framework outcome on the continent.

The PoA collates and integrates the priorities and actions to be undertaken by all stakeholders involved in DRR in Africa to realize the outcome of the Sendai Framework on the continent. Consequently, the PoA applies to the AUC and other relevant organs of the African Union, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and national ministries, agencies and departments responsible for DRM, as well as their sub-national/local structures. Further, while the overall responsibility of the PoA implementation rests with the Member States, non-State stakeholders play a key role as enablers in providing support to States.

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Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

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