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The Dhaka Declaration on Disability and Disaster Risk Management adopted at the Dhaka Conference on Disability and Disaster Risk Management 2015

The participants of the Dhaka Conference on Disability and Disaster Risk Management, representing 18 countries, including members from Governments, UNISDR, regional and international non-government organizations working on disability and disaster risk management, professionals and academicians, groups and organizations of persons with disabilities, bi-lateraland multi-lateral development agencies and other development sector representatives meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 12-14 December 2015 have agreed to the following statements:

Acknowledging that inclusive and effective disaster risk management is based upon collaborative approaches, shared values and a common concern for those disproportionately affected and to live in hazard and risk-pronesituations;

Noting that individuals and communities are differently impacted by disasters due to gender, disability, age, culture, socio-economic factors, geographical locations, levels of governance, a lack of awareness and lack of communication within society (from youth to older persons, women to men, children to adult and vice versa);

Recognising that inclusive disaster risk management policies and relevant and appropriate laws and regulations are essential to create an enabling environment for reducing existing disaster risks, preventing new risks, building resilient communities, and facilitating effective local, national, regional and international cooperation to increasealready incremental investment in inclusive disaster risk management;

Reaffirming the commitments made by the Governments and States signatories to disaster risk management frameworks including Sendai Framework at the international, regional, national and local levels and to the UNCRPD to address vulnerabilities, risk, discrimination, deprivation, inequality, exclusion and marginalization;

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